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New Children's Book ~ Now On Sale at
Over the Stars by Alahna Nicolas
Over the Stars
Now on sale!Over the Stars by Alahna Nicolas.  Dare to dream big and travel far. Close your eyes and go Over the Stars when you feel sad or lonely. It's always there, just for you. And no bad thoughts are allowed!

This charming children's book is geared for the kindergarten set. It relays in simple words and four-color illustrations the story of a young girl, dismayed with the way people act, who tells her grandma that she wants to go away.  Her wise grandmother knows just the place, and by reading the story, takes her granddaughter on a joyful journey of imagination and discovery.

This is Alahna Nicolas' first book. She is a native of Sarasota, Florida where she lives with her husband and two daughters. Read more

Author Andrew Jones Wins
Norman Mailer Writing Award
2014 Norman Mailer Writing Award for
Middle School and High School Teachers

Two Seasons in the Bubble author Andrew Jones is the 2014 winner of the Norman Mailer Writing Award for Middle School and High School Teachers.  His submission, "The Inca Champions League," exemplifies Jones' skill at interweaving an exciting sports narrative together with historical and cultural information.

Jones' 2013 book, Two Seasons in the Bubble, is his first-person account of teaching and coaching basketball in Bulgaria.

Jones was honored, along with other recipients of Norman Mailer Writing Awards, at an awards banquet October 27, 2014 at the New York Public Library. 
Two Seasons in the Bubble
Living and Coaching Basketball in Bulgaria

Two Seasons in the Bubble is author Andrew Jones' first-person account of teaching and coaching basketball in Bulgaria. His adventures are recounted with humor and pathos and masterfully interwoven with facts and observations about the history and culture of this mysterious country.  Read more


The Art of Wooden Boat Repair
A Boatwright's Secret Tricks of the Trade
By Allen Cody Taube

This book presents the experience and insights gained by Allen Taube through 40 years of boat building, owning and sailing wooden schooners, marine surveying and wooden boat repair. 

His previous book, "The Boatwright's Companion," published in 1986, has become the wooden boat owners' bible.  This new edition is updated, Read more ...

"Best" Marriage Book is Smart and Easy to Read

By Carol Ummel Lindquist, Ph.D.

"Carol Lindquist raises parenting issues we all worry about but seldom discuss. Her book is smart and easy to read. You'll feel like you are having coffee with an old friend," ~ Chris Erskine, Los Angeles Times


Are you having less sex, less fun, and more arguments than you did before kids? This handy guidebook has steps you can take to protect your own marriage from the pitfalls of parenting. This book is engaging, fun and practical, and filled with easy-to-follow tips! Give yourself and everyone around you the "Gift of a Happy Marriage."  Read more

Sale of Poetry Book Benefits National MS Society
I Sing in Silence:
The Poetry of Robyn Taradash
"I Sing in Silence" is a collection of poetry written by a young girl afflicted with MS.

She was beautiful, intelligent, and popular.  She was able to graduate from high school and also earned a degree in English from Hofstra University in Long Island.

Robyn's mother, Estelle Taradash, worked with our graphic designer for more than a year to fine tune "I Sing in Silence," which is her daugher's legacy.  Read more

Fun Civics Lesson

Voting for "Red" or "Green" Apples Teaches Kids All About Voting

By Vanessa A. Purdom

The Caramel Apple Election is a full color, fully illustrated 8.5" x 11" book that tells a charming story that pits "red apples" against "green apples" in a contest to see which apple makes the best caramel apple.


The book is a guide for teachers, youth leaders and home schoolers at the elementary education grade level to hold a mock election that teaches all about voting and for everyone involved to have a great time.


Author Vanessa Purdom's goal is to have as many Caramel Apple Elections as possible staged across the land in the Fall of 2012.  Read more


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Palaces: Fit for a King
By Perla Lichi

World renowned interior designer Perla Lichi presents 200 pages of full color photos of rooms she designed. Her client base includes V.I.P. Emirati plus royalty and professional athletes. 


There are ten "palaces" including two in Florida and eight in the Middle East. "Every man and woman wants to be king and queen of their own palace," says the designer. Palaces by Perla Lichi was reviewed by Penelope Green of The New York Times on February 1, 2012. Read more


Charming Memoir Set
 in Early 20th Century
By P.M. Smith
Life in early 20th century rural America was significantly different from today. Farm families raised or hunted the meat they ate; grew or gathered vegetables for the table, and made most of the things they wore.
There were no shopping malls, supermarkets or computers. Life was survival and it took all members of the family and their individual skills to keep a household going.
Gabe has learned the survival skills that have been passed down from generation to generation from the frontier days. This young adventurer uses all of them while facing challenge after challenge on that greatest of adventures called life. Read more

Frontier Preacher: The Life of John Corbly 1733-1803

By Sam Hossler

This book follows the amazing life of John Corbly, 1733 to 1803, from the time he was shanghaied in Ireland as a young teenager to the troublesome times of the Whisky Rebellion in frontier Pennsylvania.

Once in America, he experiences some good luck. Indentured to a good Christian family, he learns farming, believing it to be his destiny. But those were not God's plans for him, and this unassuming young man eventually becomes a lay preacher and evangelist. Persecuted for his beliefs, he moves his family to the wild frontier of Pennsylvania. 

Frontier at Three Rivers

By Sam Hossler

Author Sam Hossler makes history come alive! This fast-paced, easy-to-read historical novel replays actual events that took place in the mid 1700s in western Pennsylvania where the Allegheny and Monogahela rivers converge to form the Ohio.

This frontier area was seething with bloody tensions as Native Americans, early pioneers, British and French agents and trappers were engaged in a hostile battle for the land.

Hossler wrote the book after a lifetime interest in the outdoors and years of historical research. He uses dates, battles, locations and characters from Pennsylvania's past to create a book that literally races along. 

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Frontier at Three Rivers

Author Sam Hossler makes history come alive and now this fast-paced historical novel is availabale as an audio book. Read more

Frontier Preacher

The Life of John Corbly by Sam Hossler is now available as an audio book. Enjoy Frontier Preacher in your car or anywhere. Read more