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Over the Stars


By Alahna Nicolas

Over the Stars

Dare to dream big and travel far. Close your eyes and go "Over the Stars" when you feel sad or lonely. It's always there, just for you. And no bad thoughts are allowed!

"Sometimes far away
is closer than you think."

This fully illustrated children's book is geared for the kindergarten set. In a charming story about a little girl and her grandmother, the little girl, Nara, learns how to escape the humdrum and often troubling world into a better place called imagination.

This is Alahna Nicolas' first book.

*First published April 11, 2015 9:00 a.m.

Alahna Nicolas was born in Sarasota, Florida.

"Growing up, for a while, it was just me and my sister and my mom. And then it was just me and my mom.

"When you spend long hours playing by yourself, you dream and make up all sorts of things. I always enjoyed storytelling. The art of imagination is just amazing. I believe it is important for everyone to sometimes take a flight into a make-believe world. Living in 100 percent reality 100 percent of the time will consume your inner child and I think it's very important for that inner child to live.

"My mother raised me and she knows that I am a character. The people in my books are actually reflections of myself. That inner child. Now that I am no longer a child, I would like to share some of my stories with other children or adults who can read my books and travel with me to a place they haven't been in a while.

"My books, I say they are good for the soul. They provide warm smiles and familiar feelings. I live in Florida with my wonderful husband and some amazing kids whom I love with all that I am. I give all Thanks to God, for he is truly amazing. And even when no one believed in me or counted me out and gave up on me and my many endeavors, God has shown me that anything is possible."