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The Art of Wooden Boat Repair

A Boatwright's Secret Tricks of the Trade


By Allen Cody Taube

1986 Edition Revised, Updated

Repairing wooden boats is by its nature a renewable, sustainable effort. Instead of throwing away an old boat and building a new one, fix it, save it, re-use it, sail it again. Wooden boats are designed to be repaired. Unless the shipwright is willing to share his knowledge and tricks of the trade, the wooden boat is in very real danger of extinction.

This book is sure to
become a wooden boat owner's and wooden boat lover's favorite classic book.

Author Allen Cody Taube outlines and details wooden boat repairs in a clear and informal style, taking time and care to answer the many legitimate questions a boat carpenter or boat owner might ask. More than 100 illustrations supplement the text.
This clearly written book takes the mystery out of wooden boat repair. You'll feel confident and have the information you need to work, repair and maintain on your own wooden boat.

"The Art of Wooden Boat Repair: A Boatwright's Secret Tricks of the Trade" presents the experience and insights gained by Allen Taube through 40 years of boat building, owning and sailing wooden schooners, marine surveying and wooden boat repair.

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Preview Book at Sunnyland Antique Boat Festival
Mount Dora, FL March 22-23-24

Published by Granny Apple Publishing,, The book will make its debut at the Sunnyland ACBS Boat Festival on Lake Dora, in Mount Dora, Florida on March 22-23-24, 2013.

Allen Cody Taube is a graduate architect from the Rhode Island School of Design, a NAMS marine surveyor, a licensed 100-Ton Captain, and an independent shipwright. He has owned, restored and sailed his own wooden schooners and others for 40 years. His wide-ranging experience includes building small traditional sailboats and rebuilding large sailing craft, mostly schooners, including his current home, a traditional cruising wooden schooner built out of tide water cypress and monel nails in 1972.

His first book on wooden boat repair, "The Boatwright's Companion," published in 1986, has become the wooden boat owners' bible. His latest book, to be released this March 2013 by Granny Apple Publishing, "The Art of Wooden Boat Repair" is destined to become today's wooden boat owner's and wooden boat lover's favorite classic book.

Allen writes feature articles for Wooden Boat Magazine and Southwinds Magazine. He has sailed extensively on the Pacific, Atlantic, North Sea and Baltic oceans. He has worked as a commercial salvage diver, commercial fisherman and ran tugs in British Columbia.

Mr. Taube is also an award-winning screenwriter and artist. He has saltwater in his veins and currently lives aboard his 65' wooden schooner Reef Chief in Key West , Florida and the Bahamas.

Published by Granny Apple Publishing, in conjunction with the southeastern US regional sailing magazine Southwinds, the book is available as a quality trade paperback. Click here to order.

For information about the book or to contact the author or publisher, email, or call 941-870-3422.

"Allen taught me his planking method. I made 25 new planks for schooner Hindu. It was so easy and the planks fit perfect. Later a friend made one more plank. He said he was a shipwright, but his plank did not fit at all. It was the totally wrong shape. He didn't use Allen's method. Read this book. Allen knows how to fix wooden boats."
~ Josh Rowan, Schooner Hindu