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The God of Second Chances

In The God of Second Chances, Kathy Ashdown, singer, songwriter and conference speaker, tells her life story as a living witness to the God who rebuilds broken lives.

    Through abuse, rebelliousness, a painful debilitating disease that had no cure, a failed marriage, and ultimately an attempt to end her life, Kathy found hope in the God who can make all things new. Her journey will make you laugh, make you cry, but most of all will give you a compass to help you find the God of Second Chances. BUY BOOK


Find out more about Kathy, hear her sing, buy her CD or book a PJs Women's Conference.

RELIGION / Christian Life / Women's Issues


6 x 9 Paperback

162 Pages



The best way to enjoy this book is to have Kathy's CD, "The God of Second Chances," close by so that you can listen to each song as it is presented in the chapters.