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Richard, Coeur de Leon
Richard is a computer specialist with an optimistic outlook. He also knows a lot about mobile phones.
Manuel, a/k/a Jose Jimenez, Independent Guy
Manuel is a seasoned telelcommunications executive with a negative outlook. He knows a lot about telephones.
Apple Watch for Mariners

Click here to follow the link to read about the Apple watch and the new app for Mariners, written by a mariner.  Interesting.

Review Samsung Gallaxy S6 Edge

CellMart Dot Net Launches Facebook Page

CellMart dot net just launched our Facebook Page.  Click to like us!

iPhone7 has almost 700,000 followers on Facebook

Here is a link to the iPhone 7 Facebook page.

CellMart Opens Its Doors

Granny Apple Publishing is excited to introduce our CellMart page, where we offer the latest cell phone deals available on  Plus, Manuel and Richard will be posting informative information on this blog that will cover a host of cell or mobile phone topics of the day, new products, existing products, features, accessories and more!  We look forward to having you follow us & want to help make your cell phone experience better!