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The Caramel Apple Election

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The Caramel Apple Election is a full color, fully illustrated 8.5" x 11" book that tells a charming story that pits "red apples" against "green apples" in a contest to see which apple makes the best caramel apple.


The book is a guide for teachers, youth leaders and home schoolers at the elementary education grade level to hold a mock election that teaches the kids all about voting and for everyone involved to have a great time.


Author Vanessa Purdom's goal is to have "as many Caramel Apple Elections" as possible staged across the land in the Fall of 2012.


Purdom says the idea was born in the Fall of 2010 while she was volunteering in her kids' school. "I was pondering how to bring in a healthy treat and at the same time incorporate it into a fun activity. The teacher was super supportive and we actually held an apple election in my daughter's classroom. We did graphs, cast ballots, and counted the votes after I gave a brief lecture. After the whole experience, I realized that it would have been much cooler to have a story to go along with our activities."



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Vanessa Purdom

Vanessa Purdom describes herself as the quintessential insomniac and multitasker. She worked on the book at night when she needed a break from studying for the Oklahoma bar. She is an attorney and mother of two and also has a clinical trials consulting business. The Caramel Apple Election is her first book.


Miguel Valcarcel

The Caramel Apple Election original illustrations were created by Miguel Valcarcel, Visual Media Arts, fine artist, illustrator and graphic designer.




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