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Just a few Examples ...
Who Can Use Atom Connects?

Licensed Professionals & Specialists, Automotive, Influencers, Financial, Associations, Networks, Non-Profits ... and more

Shopping Areas.  Each shop pays a small annual fee for their listing. All shops and businesses benefit as they pass along this shared exposure. 

Real Estate Offices.
 Let your agents and brokers suggest best vendors and create your own Preferred Vendor Directory Digital Card.  "Gift" this to new home buyers. They will really appreciate having this inside information for their new community. With your brand constantly in front of them!

Small Companies & Start-ups. You're excited. You want to get going. Your digital Atom Connects "mini website" will start woring for you immedately. Ready to share almost as soon as you sign up.

One-person business who is self-promoting such as fitness instructors, book authors, speakers, counselors handyman service providers, cleaning services ... and more.

Bible Study or other small groups sharing a cause or a philosophy. Atom connects is the easiest way to communicate with any group keeping all members constantly informaed and up to day. 

Now that you have time to perfect your art, let us guide you to the latest techniques for introducing your creative talent to the right audience.